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Leela Ship Recycling Pvt Ltd
Leela Efcee, "B" Wing, Third Floor,
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Health & Safety
Hazard Analysis
  • Hazard analysis is done with respect each ship that is beached on plot to pro actively avoid any incidents on yard.
  • Leela health and safety team based on this ship specific hazard analysis plans the health and safety items required in safety room.
  • Health monitoring of workers and staff is regularly done on yard by doctors.
  • Asbestos handlers are periodically tested for respiratory ailments and they are kept in rotation with continuous training to avoid over exposure to limited individuals.
PPE used in various processes
All the workers and staff members working on yard are given personal protective equipment like:
  • Boiler suits
  • Safety shoes
  • Eye protection gears
  • Gloves
  • Non return valve based gas cutting equipment
  • Dust control masks
  • Asbestos handling respiratory based personal protective system
  • All the personal protective equipment used is of appropriate safety marks of national and international standards.
Winch Safety
  • All the gears & open revolving machinery involved in winch construction is adequately covered for safety of workers around winch
  • Wire rope kept behind winch is handled by workers with adequate PPE like gloves
  • Trays are kept to store wire ropes on same to avoid land contamination
  • Regular winch inspection is carried out by competent person as per legal requirement
  • Regular inspection of wire ropes, shackles etc is carried out by competent person as per legal requirement
Crane Safety
  • All the cranes are maintained regularly in good working condition
  • Protective glass sheets are available on cranes
  • Audible horn and mode of communication between crane driver and guide is regularly maintained to avoid in trips or falls of items carried by crane.
  • Regular inspection is done with respect to load testing, hooks, shackles by competent person
Working on heights
  • Safety belts are used by gas cutters working on heights on ship
  • Only trained gas cutters are allowed to go on board for cutting
  • Working on heights is always accompanied with supervisor and helper around the working area on heights
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