Environment Management

Aspect Impact Analysis

Every ship recycled at Leela goes through a green ship recycling process wherein the environmental aspect and impact analysis is reviewed by the core team members on the plot.
Based on the review results, environmental precautions, environmental testing and other environment control infrastructure are planned. This includes :
  • Oil spill control mats.
  • Oil spill dispersants.
  • Oil spill control booms.
  • Oil spill collection trays.

Cutting on Concrete

Leela's total plot area is 4500 sq meters, of which concrete covers 2150 sq meters. There are several advantages of a concrete area on a plot :
  • Gas cutting scale does not directly contaminate ground.
  • Waste can be easily collected.
  • Accidental oil spillages can be collected easily without contaminating the soil.
  • The quality of the soil can be protected.

Oil Removal with Control

  • Complying with MARPOL Annex I requirements, Leela's Environment & Safety team ensures all the tanks are cleaned of oil and oil-based contaminants.
  • The waste is collected and sent to the “Hazardous Waste” section.
  • Accidental oil spillages are also collected easily without contaminating the soil, thus conserving its quality.

Environmental Testing

Environment testing is done on a regular basis for monitoring and controlling environmental parameters such as :
  • Yard Soil testing.
  • Sea water testing.
  • Noise testing during operations.
  • Noise testing during crane, winch and ship operation.
  • Air quality monitoring on yard and asbestos removal room.