EFCEE GLOBAL SHIP RECYCLING PVT. LTD. is a sister concern of Leela Ship Recycling. It is an ISO 9001:2008-, ISO 14001:2004-, OHSAS 18001:2007- and ISO 30000:2009-certified Company. It also has certifications for Hong Kong Convention Compliance & European Union Ship Recycling Regulation, Independent Verifier Certificate-(EUSRR) from RINA Class, stating that the facility is in compliance with the European standards.

The yard is strategically located at the end of Alang, which makes it ideal for vessels to beach just in front of the yard, thus taking advantage of the maximum tide. It has developed its own Ship Recycling Facilities Plan, which includes roles and responsibility of management and the designated location for each activity in the yard. It manages each recycling project according to a tailored, ship-specific recycling plan, using the design of the vessel and inventory of hazardous materials to ensure a safe and environmentally-friendly dismantling sequence.


The yard is prepared for any emergency, with a documented standard operating procedure and response planning. It carries out periodic sea water, soil and air inspection to monitor the effectiveness of safety measures. EFCEE Global Ship Recycling Pvt. Ltd. also has a well-documented plan to deal with hazardous waste, having installed advanced waste-handling facilities, such as the negative pressure asbestos handling unit, designed as per USEPA standards. Flammable material is dealt with separately, and workers are trained to handle it.

Periodic training is mandatory for workers, including training for working at heights, in confined spaces, in heated areas, etc. Besides, workers are trained to deal with oil spills and outbreaks of fire. They are also taught safe methods of welding, cutting and grinding. The safety officer checks the condition of cranes, winches and wire ropes before the work is commenced. Personal protective equipment of workers is also inspected periodically.

In case of any emergency or accident, there are stand-by helpers to assist with any eventuality. Besides, the yard has stand-by generators as well, just in case there is a power outage

In 2017, Leela Green Ship Recycling Pvt. Ltd. at Plot no. 35 is another new addition to our group yards. It is moving to HKC SOC soon.

Environment Protection Measures

EFCEE Global Ship Recycling Pvt. Ltd. takes environmental protection very seriously, and has undertaken many steps to go clean and green. For instance, the yard has 100 per cent impermeable floors to ensure that there is no seepage of harmful substances into the ground. There are proper waste collection and disposal methods in place, and nothing is left to chance. Waste is disposed off everyday so that there is no chance of accidental spillage.


Here’s a list of some of the critical systems that are in place at the yard :

  • Owner’s Reporting System (ORS)
  • Regulatory Management System (RMS)
  • Yard Management System (YMS)
  • On-board Recycling Management System (OMS)
  • Zero Discharge Management System (ZDMS)
  • Zero Incident Management System (ZIMS)
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS)