India’s First Ship Recycling Yard to conduct Virtual Reality (VR) “Fire Safety Training Workshop”

India’s First Ship Recycling Yard to conduct Virtual Reality (VR) “Fire Safety Training Workshop”

India’s First Ship Recycling Yard to conduct Virtual Reality (VR) “Fire Safety Training Workshop”

Leela Group of Ship Recycling has successfully launched an innovation-driven Virtual Reality (VR) fire safety training program for re-creating fire-related situations without leaving the classroom and training the workers to avoid fire-related incidents.
The main objective behind this training program is to inculcate the skillset of awareness as well as a prompt and calculative response in the time of emergency. The training is designed to be interactive and immersive, helping trainees to practice these procedures in a real virtual world.
This training workshop is mainly for medium and large-scale enterprises, training schools, schools, and universities. The training program introduces an emergent exposure to the employees in making them smart enough to behave and react mindfully to the reality of fire-related incidents and pay heed to the importance of fire safety training.
With the launch of the VR fire safety training program, Leela Group of Ship Recycling leverage the power of the latest technology and ensures a practical understanding of how to respond in such situations with a blend of immersive experience.
The Vice President-HSEQ/Naval Arch, Mr. Prabhat Kumar has applauded the training by addressing the pool of opportunities and wider scope of growth by unlocking the power of VR technology. The participants, which included workers from all four yards of the Leela Group, sub-contractors, and other stakeholders, were completely impressed and satisfied with this breakthrough experience at the workplace.
The Virtual Reality(VR) fire safety training program is all set to equip the employees and trainees with the knowledge and skills they need in order to increase safety on the work floor.


1st Feb 2023
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