Leela Games 2022

Leela Games 2022

Leela Games 2022

Under the guidance of Leela Worldwide Chairman and Managing Director (Mr. Komalkant F. Sharma), Mr. Vishaal Raj Soni (CEO) with the help of Mr. Prabhat Kumar (VP-HSEQ/Naval Arch) the 3rd annual event of Leela Games was organized.

On 20th Nov 2022, a total of 180 players including the Leela Worldwide workers, players from Leela Worldwide’s other business verticals, players from other yards, auditors, contractors, NGOs, local residents, cash-buyers, local schools and invited guests from all over Gujarat participated in Leela Games.

3 games (1.5 km Run, Volleyball, and Tug-of-War) were played among all eight (8) teams. Team names (Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Brahmputra, Tapti, Narmada, Godavari, and Krishna) were given after the Indian majestic river name.

It proved to be a highly successful event!



18th Feb 2023
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We prioritize environmental protection in ship recycling by strictly following international regulations.

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