The Leela Group of Companies is a very prominent business house of Gujarat, with diverse interests in ship recycling, and Buying and Selling of Ships, Travel and Tours, Real Estate and Construction, Hospitality, Diamond Jewellery, and Electronic and Print Media.

The Group is captained by Mr Komalkant F Sharma, the Chairman and Managing Director.

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Chairman's Desk

India has a rich and extensive maritime history – we go way back to the 3rd century, BC, when inhabitants of the Indus Valley initiated maritime trading contact with Mesopotamia. As trade between India and the Greco-Roman world increased, spices became the main export from India to the Western world. The spice trade was the main reason why Europeans established their empires in India.
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Steel 360 - June 2018

How Alang is changing the attitude of people towards Ship Recycling. Our CMD Mr. Komalkant Sharma and Director Vishaal Raj Soni explain.

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